Chris is absolutely one of the top pros in Southern California, he is the master of the serve.  When I started working with him I had persistent shoulder problems, elbow problems, consistency problems and power problems.  Chris has turned that around, giving me a reliable, accurate and powerful serve.

Ian Goldsmith

Chris Dudeck has been my son’s tennis coach for over five years. He has molded him into a great player. Often when people see my son play they remark about his great form and ability to play. I credit this to Chris. Not only has he taught Max the game of tennis, he has become a role model, mentor, and friend. Chris always puts his students first. When my son injured himself and had to learn how to serve from the beginning, he never gave up on him. He kept trying new and innovative ideas until he found what worked for my son. I have been impressed with his tenacity and desire to help Max be the best he can be! Being a great tennis coach is not only teaching on the court but the time he spends with Max talking with him off the court. When Max gets frustrated with himself or the game, Chris has been able to sense that and spends the necessary time talking with Max and trying to figure out the best way to cope with his frustrations. Chris has become a special part of Max’s life and we feel very grateful that he is Max’s tennis coach. He definitely is the best!

Paula Nudell

My husband and I have three boys, they are 11, 13 and 15 years-old.  In March 2010, my middle son and I decided we want to learn how to play tennis.  We have been learning from Chris for 19 months.  19-months for playing tennis is not long time, however, the progress we have made has been very impressive.  My middle son is in advanced junior tennis program in a local tennis club and he is looking very strong to be playing in high school tennis team next year.  I self-rated myself as a 3.0 player, I beat 3.5-4.0 players at matches and tournaments.  As of now, my partner and I are undefeated in our Monday fixed partner’s league; I have been playing in court 2 in a round robin league. Next week I will be playing in court 1.  My youngest son started to learn tennis last June from Chris.  He had the best tennis camp this summer.  Just before this summer was over, Chris started to teach my oldest son, he could not get enough lessons and play time. Thanks to Chris, playing tennis has become one of the funnest things we do as a family.

Su Cumbo

Both myself and my children have been coached and taught by Chris for the past several years. His knowledge of the sport and teaching style is second to none!!! I hadn’t picked up a racket in about 15 years when I first started with Chris, but since then I now compete in both USTA 3.5 & 4.0 matches.  My children love the sport and I credit this to Chris’ enthusiasm and fun approach to teaching the fundamentals and joy of the sport!!

Amy Forsyth