When pulled out wide many players panic and just try to get the ball back in play. The problem with that is the player will typically hit the ball toward the middle of the court, in which their opponent can easily hit the ball to the other side of the court. Making it hard to get back into the point. Instead, when pulled out wide it’s time to either play some defense or get aggressive. You have five options that can either get you back into the point or go from defense to offense. The two conservative defensive choices are to either hit a high looping topspin ground stroke deep crosscourt or hit a slice deep crosscourt. Both options give you time to recover and make it difficult for your opponent to attack. More aggressive options are to hit and angle shot or drive the ball deep crosscourt. Both shots are more difficult, but if hit well can get you in control of the point. Lastly is to rip a ground stroke down the line. This is the most difficult of the shots, because if you don’t hit it well your opponent will have an easy crosscourt shot to beat you. It’s necessary to mix this shot in sometimes if you don’t want your opponent camping out crosscourt.

So remember guys, next time you’re pulled out wide, it’s no time to panic. Try using of the five shots and you’ll find yourself making the game a lot harder on your opponents.

Check out the video:

five options pic