Global Outreach Event

Tennis Event Benefiting Four Organizations that are making an Impact in the World

Talanton Fund

This Christian motivated Investment Fund uses the highest standards of investment screening and fund management to manage investments in business start-ups in sub-sahara Africa. Focused on creating jobs. Investments are directed toward ethical, high quality businesses like Long Mile Coffee 


Ghana Climate Innovation Center

Incubating top line, climate smart and African owned and operated businesses in collaboration with Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana. With 80% of impact investments in Africa currently being directed to white-owned businesses, high functioning business accelerators like GCIC are critical for developing the best African owned businesses.

Salmon Gold

Re-mining legacy placer mines in Alaska and Yukon, using profits to restore rivers as viable fish habitat. In partnership with miners, environmentalists, First Nations, Apple Inc., Tiffany & Co and US Bureau of Land Management. Apple and Tiffany have guaranteed purchase of “green gold” minded from the project and mitigation funding from the US gov make this a future profit maker as well as a very positive story!
Economic Inclusion / Climate Smart Businesses in Africa